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With the recent mega-successes of “Avatar,” “Spiderman”, "Life of PI" and with almost thirty 3D movies being released next year, it is clear that this technology presents information in an exciting way that resonates with consumers better than traditional methods. As an increased number of 3D motion pictures are produced and 3D television continue to find its way into our homes, the brands that fail to adapt will quickly begin to look archaic next to their competitors. Much like the leap from black-and-white to color and from color to HD, this technological advancement will make even the most innovative ads of today look lifeless and dull by comparison.

3DX is the solution. With a background of over 40 years of 3D technology and 18 years of online advertising, your brand will be experienced like never before. 3DX creates exciting mobile applications, gorgeous websites, and print campaigns that jump right off the page – all in stunningly full 3D. With this eye-popping patented technology called Phantaglyphs™ or  "Pop-Up 3D", your brand messages will be seen, received, and absorbed in an exhilarating new fashion. Your consumers are ready to do more than just view your ads; with 3DX, you give them the chance to Experience Your Brand.


“The best 3D effects I’ve ever seen by far!  Male or female, whatever their interests, customers of all ages are going to want to have this.”

Ben Van de Bunt – CEO, Guthy-Renker


“When I heard the product was “3D” I expected to see pretty much the standard visuals, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  No written or verbal description can do this justice…you’ve got to see this for yourself.”

Brad Hunter – CMO, McDonald’s


“The more you look, the better it gets!  This technology’s applications are infinite.”

 Kelly Lyemance – Sr Marketing Manager, Coca Cola

The Work


3DX Pop Up Phantaglyphs Custom 3D Video / Print Prod 2D-3D Pop-Up Conversions

3DX Pop Up Phantaglyphs Custom 3D Video / Print Prod 2D-3D Pop-Up Conversions

3DXtreme Visual Technology Custom 3D Video / Print Prod 2D-3D pop Up Conversions

3DXtreme Visual Technology Custom 3D Video / Print Prod 2D-3D pop Up Conversions

3D Mobile Application

3D Mobile Application

3D Game Development

3D Game Development

3D Websites

3D Websites

3D Direct Mailers

3D Direct Mailers

Custom 3D Glasses

Custom 3D Glasses

Custom Campaign Solutions

Custom Campaign Solutions

Why 3DX

When looking at the marketing landscape of today and tomorrow, there is no question to the integral role that 3D technology will continue to play. The only question that remains is how companies can use this skill to break the 2D wall without breaking the bank.In the past, the only cost effective way to introduce 3D into the mass market via print, web, and mobile campaigns was by using the old anaglyph technology that utilized the iconic red and cyan glasses. That method of presentation never fully permeated the market because there are three major problems with it that prevented consumers from fully engaging with the product. 3DX has solved those problems with its patented methods and eliminated the disconnect that once existed.

Patented 3D Technology

3DX specializes in creating print campaigns that have never been seen before and is sure to WOW anyone who comes across them. This is possible by our Patented, trademarked technology called Phantaglyph®. US Pat. 6389236

The Phantaglyph® image, now commercially branded "Pop-Up 3D", as an advertising tool is both unique and powerful for several reasons. It starts where conventional 3D leaves off. Ordinary 3D lets you see a different place through a "window," but Pop-Up 3D is a more intimate experience. It reverses this concept by placing a product or object in front of you. Pop-Up 3D takes 3D to a whole new dimension. Lay a magazine flat on the table and watch the object rise up a foot above the table in full 3D. Think of a Star Wars Hologram. It integrates the product into your world, right in front of you on the table or floor, beckoning you to reach out and touch it--and the consumer always does. We call this the "imprinting" stage, and this engaging behavior is something that doesn't happen with any other form of advertising. This galvanizes the product into the consumer's mind, and all the while the viewer is simply having fun with a product that isn't there. As one executive observed, "It brings out the child in you." It's only a sheet of paper, and is easily printed with its encoding already built-in, using any modern printing equipment. No computer, monitor or electricity is needed for the printed image. The images are so compelling that the consumer will place a value on the picture, saving it to share with others: more mileage for your message, AND they'll never forget it.

Pop-Up 3D is also PERFECT for campaigns, games, website and products that are viewed on the Apple iPad and all mobile devices. Lay your iPad flat on the table and watch the magic happen. Imagine playing a car racing game and the car is floating inches above your screen!

Be it print ads, special edition magazines, iPad and iPhone games and applications, life size floor posters, presentation materials, etc., Pop-Up 3D is sure to deliver a branding experience like no other and make an incredible impact with your potential consumer. Imagine a consumer actually tearing out and passing your ad around to show friends. 3DX will truly create a memorable experience for your brand!

Superior Depth

At 3DX, we can confidently say that we utilize the dimension of depth in anaglyph technology better than anyone else in the world. With our team’s extensive experience and careful attention to what was holding this field back, we have made some incredible breakthroughs.

In the past, it was still possible to wow the consumer with a few inches of depth when it came to 3D images. With 3DX’s methodology though, a single sheet of 8.5x11 paper can make you think you’re looking down a corridor 100 feet long. And we can achieve this effect and impress your potential customers whether the subject was originally shot in 3D or by converting an existing 2D image. Please check out our portfolio for examples.

Color Management

3DX’s unique color management methods allow us to mitigate any kind of flickering that caused viewers to strain their eyes when looking at older anaglyphs. We have also greatly minimized the troublesome ghosting common to that practice. Below is an example of an image before and after 3DX converted it to 3D with these color management techniques. As you can see, the reds and blues in the first image tend to flicker, which quickly becomes an annoyance to the viewer. However, the 3DX image has minimized ghosting and all of the flickering has vanished. This color problem has been acceptable to many in the past simply from a lack of experience, but once someone sees the crisp and clear 3DX image, the difference can no longer be overlooked.

Campaign Solutions

At 3DX, we understand that being a successful leader in the industry requires more than being experts on the technical side. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on finding the right 3D solution to fit each individual campaign. CEO Ziggy Kormandel has taken his background of marketing and advertising for Fortune 500 companies and brought it to this new visual frontier. This extensive knowledge, when coupled with cutting-edge technology, allows 3DX to find, engage with, and excite your target consumers. Your brand will no longer just be seen; it will be experienced.

3DX News

Soccer Superstars Ronaldo, Messi And Neymar: Subjects For New Groundbreaking 3D Extreme Print Technology - To whoever says 3D is dead, 3DX says no way…it is very much alive and kicking! Technology company 3DX presents Ronaldo, Messi & Neymar like never before in five-foot tall 3D Extreme mega posters...
GOphotobooks.com and CCMPhotoBooks.com partnered with 3DX to have an edge on the market this year in the $6 billion dollar a year greeting card industry. Gophotobooks CEO Richard Weaver said, “This year we really wanted to have a differentiator and the 3D capabilities that 3DX brings to the table are unparalleled to what we were finding. 3DX has truly conquered depth and color in 3D visuals like we’ve never seen before in print”. 
3D Glasses industry leader American Paper Optics partners with 3DX to manufacture and distribute 3DX's patent pending 3DX Mini Spex - MAJOR MARKETING BREAKTHROUGH! APO is proud to introduce this game-changing innovation that will be every CMO’s dream come true. These patent-pending 3DX Mini Spex are the same size as a business card and offer an outstanding way to extend your brand through print campaigns, magazine ads, computer applications, DVD and Blu-Ray, direct mail flyers, and websites.
Next Level Real Estate Marketing utilizes 3DXtreme technology to make some noise at the Trade Show in Atlanta - CEO, Raul Villacis says, "Much of the success we enjoyed at this event was due to the constant traffic driven to our booth and website through the use of 3DX’s proprietary handout/mailer product.  The incredibly impressive 21% mobile opt-in text program response far surpassed any result we have ever seen.” 
Kross Precision President Rob Steven Williams can’t say enough about 3DX’s technology - “The results were astounding!  I have never seen any print campaign, of any kind, produce the type conversion rate that 3DX trade show materials did for our world class sports bag. We saw a 13% double opt-in rate... truly amazing!"
World renowned direct marketing company Guthy-Renker™ recently brought 3DX in on a campaign featuring one of the biggest names in music and entertainment today... Justin Bieber - “3DX’s technology is intriguing and with our celebrity spokesperson roster and social activation goals, exploring the incorporation of 3D imagery was an exciting and innovative step for us,” said Corrie Murphy, Vice President of PR and Social Media for Guthy-Renker.
3DX assists Nike to create a unique experience for the Air Jordan 2012 media event. - NIKE hired 3DX to create a unique experience for the Air Jordan 2012 media event... the theme of the event was “flight”. 3DX designed and created a media invitation as an authentic passport, with a 3D centerfold of the Air Jordan 2012 shoe and a set of 3DX’s patent pending gift card glasses.
Erica Courtney called on 3DX to create a stunning 3D Phantaglyph™ of her new signature ring that's to be unveiled at the 2012 Centurion Show - Always a favorite on the red carpet, Erica Courtney jewelry has devoted celebrity fans such as Madonna, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Johnny Depp, Hayden Panettiere and many more. 
Harper Construction called on 3DX’s patented Phantaglyph™ technology to help present visually stunning 3D renderings of their designs for projects that totals over 1 Billion Dollars in Development. - Renowned for their preeminence in Design-Build construction, Harper Construction provides excellence in a full spectrum of pre-construction, program management, design development, construction, interior design management, inspection and quality control services.
Sony Pictures Smurfs International Campaign - Spain’s Cinemania magazine features a double page spread and cover fold out for the international 2011 release of The Smurfs and Priest. The magazine also showcases a 6 page editorial of Priest using full page 3DX converted images.
3DX Rocks TLARS Holiday marketing Campaign - A full service travel agency that specializes in arranging travel for Touring Musicians, Film, TV, Production, Entertainment, Corporations, and anyone that wishes to Travel Like a Rock Star! TLARS service some of the biggest names in music such as Nas, Jonas Brothers, Kings of Leon, Widespread Panic, John Mayer & Tori Amos.
Sony Picture’s newest release, Priest in 3D - utilizes 3DX to create eye-popping marketing materials for both domestic and international markets. 3DX’s proprietary Anaglyph techniques were used for both print and digital images in the Priest Online Game.
Sony Pictures / The Green Hornet goes 3DX - Sony Pictures uses 3DX technology for in-theater marketing campaign as well as 3D Mobile Application Images.
Honda utilizes new 3DX Phantaglyph™ 3D technology in Maxim Campaign - 3DX’s all new, never before seen Phantaglyph™ technology will premiere in October’s issue of Maxim magazine to spotlight the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid coupe ad campaign.






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